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ACT House is a team design platform, accelerator, and VC. We support and invest in diverse, change-making startups by developing an assessment tool to help founders understand their team fit, a dynamic pre-accelerator experience, a 6-month accelerator program with funding, and venture capital investment opportunities. ACT House’s key focus is on cultivating a community where founders are seen, heard, and supported as human beings, not just for their ventures.

1. Founder-centric programs: From running 24-hour innovation bootcamps to 6-month accelerators, we offer to help founders at every stage, from assessments to accelerators to venture capital.

2. Human-first approach: ACT House believes in supporting founders as people, not just their startups, and values diversity of experience, expertise, and ethnicity.

3. Community building: ACT House aims to create a supportive community where founders can thrive, beyond just reaching milestones.

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